Church in Action

Weekly assignments for the church from the Elders

While we are facing this challenging time in history, we want to encourage our church family to be a “church in action.” Our opportunities to meet in person have been greatly restricted. We no longer can attend BLAST, LOOP, Bible studies, or small groups. Even our worship service has a very different feel to it. 

However, this is a moment for opportunity. We must find new and safe ways to stay connected, to serve our neighbors, to feed our own souls, and to share the gospel. Each week the elders want to give to our church a specific challenge. Something we can all do. Something of eternal value. Something that will bring God joy and delight.

As your pastors, we want to encourage you to act as God’s people. This is not a moment to withdraw from one another, but to find creative and effective ways to connect from a distance. 

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