Children's Resources

Ideas and materials to add a little extra fun at home while helping to focus and remind our children

Note from the Children's Ministry

During this uncertain time, your Children’s Ministry staff want to support your families and children in the best way we can. We know as parents you have a lot weighing on you during this time and we hope to provide some ideas to add extra fun into your homes while remembering that God is at the center of our lives.

If you find yourself in need of internet

Spectrum is offering free internet access while schools are shut down. Their "hold" message states this has generated an overwhelming response and suggest calling on a later day. NEW customers with no prior debt will receive 60 days of free internet access and can cancel after that if they'd like. Please share this with those you know do not have internet access.

Children’s Church activities to do at home


  • Read a story from the Bible, maybe get animated and tell it as exciting you might read on of their children’s books. 
  • Borrow some children’s stories from church (just ask us and we can set them out with your name on them)
  • Use a white board or poster board to draw out a scene from the story 


  • Act out a story as a family from the Bible. 
  • Another option is someone can narrate the story and the rest of the kids act out their assigned parts. 
  • Dress up! This is a great time to use sheets as robes, dads dress shirts, a cane or large stick as a staff etc.


  • Going for a walk or walking the dog? Take the kids and pray as you go, give thanks for what you see and pray for the needs and hearts of others.
  • What would it be like if Jesus was walking right beside you? What would you say? What do you think he might say? 


YouTube has lots of options for doing worship with kids. YouTube, even the kid version, can have inappropriate content. PLEASE do NOT allow your children to watch unsupervised. It is our job to create limits and keep them as safe as we can. [CLICK HERE] for worship dance along playlist.

*CJ & friends YouTube page offers very active videos to worship songs

Children’s Educational Resources


Kahoot! Some of your children probably already know about this website. They have created a specific link for distance learning. Keep in mind that users post to this, so please review before you allow your children to watch/participate


  • Take virtual tours of zoos and museums around the world!!
  • This will probably only work well for older kids, but is fun! 



  • Draw with author and illustrator Mo Willems every week day at 1pm!! 
  • Pixelated art- design your own or “color” one already built. There is a link to click that explains the website for parents. 


  • Mindfulness classes for kids Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 1pm :)
  • A blog with ideas of how to keep the kids active! There are good resources here for parents, family, and children. 
  • Helpful resources specific to this unique time (includes nutritional info)


  • Prodigy is a game-based learning forum for math. They have activities available for grades 1st-8th. If your child attends Xenia Community Schools, they already have account and you should access it through the “Clever” portal on the Xenia Community Schools website. 
  • Ways to do math off the screen! Pintables, Games, worksheets etc. 
  • A blog with ideas of how to “Math” in your everyday life with things you have at home. This would be a great resource for kids that thrive on meaningful applications.