The Loop

Gathering to learn and grow

The "Loop"

Why Loop

Loop is the place where our community gathers to learn and grow from each other. This is where we come together and help each other understand and live out what it means to follow Christ. During these classes we draw on the expertise and interests of our members, and at times those outside our community. The Pastors advise (recommend, help choose or approve curriculum, advise on approach, etc.) and occasionally teach or co-teach. However, our primary goal is to meet the needs of our members through the members! And, as we all know, those who teach benefit the most. 

Different categories

Doctrine: teaching through the important teaching of the Bible represented in our Doctrinal Statement with some of their implications for our own lives and the life of the church. 

Disciplines: equipping and encouraging one another on how to personally grow and live out our relationship with Christ through the means God has given to his people for their growth: Bible Study, prayer, life in the body of Christ and our representation of Christ to those who need him.

Relationships: equipping and encouraging one another on how to strengthen our marriages, to build genuine friendships with one another that help promote Christ’s goals in each other, raise our children, etc.

Apologetics: helping each other to think biblically about perennial and contemporary challenges to the faith by understanding and responding to different faiths or opposing secular approaches.

Christian Living: equipping and encouraging one another to allow our commitment to Christ to penetrate every area of our life. This would include things like healthy eating and exercise, managing our money and the stuff it buys, time management/ organization, servant leadership, home management skills, taking Christ into your workplace and/or ballot box, loving one another across racial/class/age-stage lines, social media use, arts and the Christian, evaluating and interacting well with popular culture (movies, TV, books), etc.

How to Get involved

We would love for you to take advantage of these sessions and anticipate Christ working through the “body” as it “grows and builds itself up in love” as “each part does its work” (Eph 4:14-16).

Click on the button below to look through the different loop groups. The push the button that says "join" and follow the prompts. We are so happy to have you "in the loop"!

Got questions?

Have a question about what we LOOP at EBC? Get in touch with a person on our team directly by clicking the button below.