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Barb Colaner - Office Administrator

I enjoy and consider it a privilege to facilitate the ministry of the church and help the leaders to function well, and I think one of my gifts is to help great people minister more effectively! I am fortunate to serve among such a capable and inspiring group of leaders. I like to encourage people, and I endeavor to be a blessing to all of our people. I have been married to Bob, a gifted music teacher, since 1976. Our goals in life are still summed up in our wedding verse, Psalm 34:3: “O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together.” 

"I like to encourage and bless all of our people."

Krista Greenwell - Children's Ministry Assistant

I love music, Disney, the outdoors and dance. I relocated to Ohio from Maryland for school and then work, and have been a part of the EBC family since 2010. I have a varied background from farm-kid, to the military and currently a professional ballroom dancer. My favorite part of working in the Children’s ministry is hearing how the kids engage the world and the scripture. I am an avid learner and reader and desire to emulate that childlike wonder and never take anything for granted. I believe there is beauty in everything because of the wonderful grace and love of God that we get to experience every day.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchill

Sarah Mays - Ministry Assistant

I have grown up in Xenia and have called EBC home for most of my life. My husband, Adam, on the other hand, is from Cincinnati and relocated to Xenia in 2007 when we were married. One of the foundational points of our marriage has been me becoming a Cleveland Browns fan and Adam becoming a Cincinnati Reds fan... it's a part of our marriage covenant that has taught us to come together as we have learn to mourn season after season. 

We have three children, Freddy, Layla and August. We have also had the opportunity to welcome several other children into our home, some for a few months, others for few years. Each has been a gift and journey in trusting God. We love this community, both the EBC church family as well as the City of Xenia, and we desire for God to use us however He sees best! 

"All my favorite people are broken..." Over the Rhine